Welcome to Our Financing Department

Everyone, regardless of their financial situation, is welcome here at Hampton Hyundai. Whether you are looking to finance a new or used car with a loan, or are looking to lease a new car, Hampton Ford Hyundai can handle your finance needs. Because we have been in business for more than thirty years, we have built strong relationships with local and national lenders, and that allows us to help you get the right financing for your situation. With monthly car payments as low as $99 dollars, and new car leases often even lower than $99, we can help you get into the right car for you.

First Time Buyer? Low or No Credit?

We are experts in financing new or pre-owned cars and trucks, whether you have no credit, low credit, or anything in between. We have a First Time Buyer program, and we also use our trusted partners (banks and credit unions, local and national) to finance auto loans. A low monthly payment on an auto loan is a great way to build credit, or to repair credit, and our finance officers will not get you into a loan situation which you cannot pay for. We look at each individual to make our financing recommendations, and will give you a number of options depending on your credit situation and your downpayment.

Owe Too Much On Your Car?

In addition to our general finance officer, we also have an expert in what we like to call "negative equity situations." Maybe you owe too much on your car, or owe more than your car is worth - either way, you don't have to worry about what you owe on your car, because we can almost always help you out. We usually recommend that you call us in addition to completing our online finance application so that we can talk one on one about your situation and what you would like to improve. Whether you need to get out of a car you owe too much on, or owe more than your car is worth, we can assist.

Existing Loan?

In addition, we can also help you refinance an existing car loan, or adjust the term of your contract. If you have an existing car loan, typically low interest rates are available to you as well.

We are a trusted name around the seacoast - ask your friends about their great experiences with us. Everyone, regardless of their financial situation, is welcome to purchase and finance their car at Hampton Ford Hyundai.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to call us!

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Real Life Testimonial:
My Review of Hampton Ford Hyundai:
My wife and myself just needed to stop dumping money into our car that we had. It just kept breaking down and was to expensive to fix and unreliable. I had received a pamphlet in the mail for Hampton Ford Hyundai, I figured why not take my chances and try it out. I was reluctant at first due to credit issues, I thought maybe a used car at best because of terrible credit. I ended up with Earl as my salesman and, right from the start he made me feel that this was possible. After he took some information from me, I waited a bit and then he said Jason would like to talk to me. I knew that he was going to say that they could not help me due to credit issues, but instead he told me that he would get me in a car one way or another.

I was able test drive some cars with Earl and loved the ford fusion. I'm sure that Jason had to try many banks for me, and the whole time Jason and Earl were telling me that this was going to happen. Only a few days later, I was driving away in a BRAND NEW ford fusion. If you need a car and have the best or the worst credit you should definitely go to Hampton Ford Hyundai first. Thanks a lot to Earl and Jason for all the effort and hard work they did for a person like me to get me in this car. They made what I thought was an impossible long shot to a reality. I am sure that the rest of the employees at Hampton Ford Hyundai are as professional as Earl and Jason also. As far as my credit they said that bad things can happen to good people, and they got me in that 2011 fusion when they could've easily told me they couldn't help me
and just moved on to that perfect credit person. I very strongly recommend to stop there first if you are seeking a vehicle, even if your positive that it wont happen due to credit issues, because I was sure it wouldn't happen for me, but Jason and Earl, and Hampton Ford Hyundai proved me wrong.

Paul W.


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