Our Team

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  • Jay McFarland

    Owner and General Manager
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

    My family started in the car business over 70 years ago in Concord NH. I got started in the auto business right after college. The first car I ever sold was a 1978 used Valeri "Woody" Wagon.

  • Robert Larson

    General Sales Manager
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

    Rob has been an essential part of our team since 1999. His laid back, considerate personality is the core of his zealous customer following. In 2016, he was promoted to General Sales Manager of the dealership.

  • David Silvia

    Sales Manager
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

    Dave is a true family man, an Army veteran, and passionate sales manager.  He approaches each customer with an open mind and a listening ear.  Dave believes that the key to sales is a genuine understanding of a customer as a unique individual, making sure his customers have a positive experience.  When you work with Dave you can trust that he will be there every step of your car buying journey.

  • David Friedman

    Sales Manager
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

  • Kevin Langlois

    Finance & Business Manager
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

  • Brenden Lavery

    Wholesale Annex
    (603) 964-8771

    Brenden has been with Hampton Ford Hyundai in the wholesale department for many years, and is a great member of the team. He leads one of the best wholesale dealerships in the area, along with Jimmy Dexter.

  • Jimmy Dexter

    Wholesale Annex
    (603) 964-8771

    Jimmy joined our Wholesale Department in 2016. Jimmy is a great, honest guy doing excellent work alongside long time employee Brenden Lavery.

  • Ben Spector

    Product Specialist
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

  • Bill Grattan

    Product Specialist
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

  • Heather Curley

    Internet Sales Manager
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

  • Kevin Sweeney

    Product Specialist
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

  • Mark Weatherby

    Product Specialist
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

    Mark is a lively and vivacious Sales Consultant. He is the comedian of our team. Always happy to help while singing a tune!

  • Tina Bowden

    Product Specialist
    Tel: 877-824-1060 · Fax: 603-964-7290

  • Unchu "Chu" Kwon

    Product Specialist
    Tel: (603) 964-8771 · Fax: (603) 964-7290

    With a neighborly and cheerful personality, Chu is a necessity to our team. She is fluent in Korean with many returning customers.

  • Taryn Myers

    Marketing Director
    (603) 379-1248

    Taryn Myers is part nerd, part artist. She loves her spreadsheets that she lives in yet graduated with an art degree specializing in oil paints, charcoal, and mosaics. She is a special balance of spontaneity and planner, and with over 15 years' experience in the marketing strategy, media and analytics world, she has taken the time to observe, learn and explore better ways to do things. She never takes anything at face-value. Rather, her inquisitive mind always digs deeper into the "why?" This combination of skills and values has lead Taryn to where she is today.

    Taryn has planned and delivered integrated marketing strategies and media plans for brands in the automotive, financial, travel & tourism, arts, education, real estate, PPP industries, and many more. She has also provided in-depth research to plan new product development, provide executive sales projections, among other analytics projects.

  • Ashley Johnson

    Inventory Coordinator
    (603) 964-8771

  • Blake Carrico

    Business Development Center
    (603) 964 - 8771

    Blake is a student at UNH studying business. He joined Hampton Ford Hyundai in 2016 in the BDC department. He has worked previously in the automotive industry. He loves traveling, being outside, and photography.

  • David Delude

    Fixed Operations Director
    (603) 964-9806

    I have been in the automotive business since 1995 and have been in all aspects of the parts and service department.  I enjoy time with my children and traveling all over the world.  In my spare time I usually spend it golfing which is not very often with 2 young kids at home.

  • Dan Bergeron

    Service Advisor
    Tel: (603) 964-8771

  • Greg Pappas

    Service Advisor
    Tel: (603) 964-8771

  • Susan Vandecasteele

    Service Advisor

    Sue may be new to the Hampton Ford family, but she is anything but new to Customer Service. Her true love is to make every customer feel like they are her only customer; they are what keeps the Service Department going. When not working, Sue enjoys time with her girls, attempting to pass on her automotive knowledge and passion.

  • Heather Lochiatto

    Tel: (603) 964-8771

  • Derek Bentley
    Parts counter person

    Derek is a very personable and knowledgeable counterman that has been in the business since 2001.  Derek has 2 young boys at home that he spends most of his free time with.  He likes all kinds of leisure sports including fishing, golf, darts and bowling.

  • Peter Bongiorno

    Parts Delivery Driver
    (603) 964-8771

    Peter has been in the automotive business for 10 years.  He was previously the proud owner of a dry cleaning business in Massachusetts for almost 40 years.  We are happy to have Peter as a member of our parts and service team.

  • Steve Lombardi

    Tel: (603) 964-8771

  • Mike Hume

    Body Shop Manager
    (603) 984-2266

    Mike Hume works in the dealership's annex at the Seacoast Collision Center & Body Shop. Mike is a great guy bringing lots of experience to the table, and we are glad he joined our team.

  • Elizabeth Morey
    (603) 984-2266

    Elizabeth moved to the Seacoast NH area after residing in Westford, MA for over 30 years with her family. After spending a winter escape on the beach a few years ago, she made a young girl's dream into a reality: she bought a little condo by the beach! That geographic move also brought with it a new career; and that is how she was introduced to Hampton Ford Hyundai's Seacoast Collision Center.

    Though her roots were cultivated in the Salon/Spa industry and other areas of hospitality, her genuine love of helping people and knack for multi-tasking make her a natural fit and wonderful asset to the Hampton Ford Hyundai family as the Seacoast Collision Center's Office Coordinator.

    Her family is her pride and joy. A devoted mom and a grandmother, she is thrilled in knowing that her family continues to grow both personally and through her career!

  • Justin Sachetti

    Auto Body Technician
    (603) 964-8771

  • Madeline Fowler

    Auto Body Technician
    (603) 964-8771

  • Robert Kelley

    Auto Body Technician
    (603) 964-8771

  • Albert Routhier
    Senior master Ford tech

    Al has been a valued member of Hampton ford Hyundai since basically the dealership opened.  He is master certified in Ford as well as Hyundai.  Al can pretty much fix anything.  He is very much an outdoors man and like to hunt and fish in his spare time.  He also spends much of his summers up at his camp with his family.

  • David Simmons
    Certified Ford Technician

    Dave has been with the company for 4 years and has been working in the business since he was 16 years old.  He moved back from New Mexico to be closer to family.  Dave loves to snow mobile and spend lots of time at his camp in summer and winter.  Dave is our onsite customer repair man, he is very good with a welder.

  • Mark Rice
    Gold Level Hyundai tech

    Mark has been a Hyundai certified technician for 17 years and has been with us for going on 4 years.  He like's Supermodified racing and is soon to be married to his girlfriend of 8 years.  We are lucky to have him as our A Hyundai technician!

  • Nicholas Dube

    Master Certified Ford Technician
    (603) 964-8771

    Nick has been with us since the beginning of his days as a professional tech.  We stumbled across Nick with a Tech learning program of which he graduated as a certified factory trained Ford technician.  Nick has been a valuable addition to our service department.  We look forward to many years to come with Nick as a member of the family!

  • Frank Murray
    Senior Master Certified Technician

  • John "Stu" Palmer
    Service tech

    John (Stu) is the newest member to our technician staff.  He has worked in the business for many years with multiple manufacturers.  In his spare time Stu like's to spend time fishing with his father, God bless!  He also travels to his wife's homeland of Brazil and has lot's of stories!!